If you have a number of drivers within your company who need to undertake Driver CPC training, Jack Richards & Son can help. We offer courses at our Fakenham training centre and in-house training programmes tailored to your business requirements.

Driver CPC Training for Companies

Drivers Hours & Road Transport Regulations

Both the EU Drivers’ Hours and RT(WT)R are cornerstones of the road transport industry, but they are often not fully understood. This module aims to provide drivers with a thorough working knowledge of the requirements of this vital legislation, equipping delegates with the necessary knowledge to understand the rules and regulations around Driver's hours.

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Digital Tachograph

The digital tachograph is a part of many drivers’ working lives, but many have never received formal training and misuse is common. This course examines the correct use of a digital tachograph, how tachographs record information about driving time, speed and distance and how they are used to ensure drivers and employers follow the rules on drivers’ hours. Advice will be given on manual entry and tachograph use in mixed operations.

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Vehicle First Used Checks and Defect Reporting

It is the drivers responsibilities to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive before setting off by conducting a first use walk-around check of the vehicle. This module aims to outline to drivers the responsibilities and defect reporting systems involved in maintaining vehicles in a roadworthy condition, regardless of fleet size, vehicle type or operating conditions. This module will include how to correctly document the walk-around check and review the system of defect reporting.

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Defensive and Courteous Driving

A Planned System Of Drive using Information, Position, Speed, Gear & Acceleration, helps to play a part in producing a safe and courteous driver. The module introduces drivers to a “Planned System Of Drive”. Through a continuous process of all round observation, identifying hazards – fixed, moving, temporary and permanent, it sets out the basic features of the system.

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Fuel Efficient Driving

This module – probably the most valuable in respect of bottom line savings – provides drivers with a range of effective and easily adopted techniques to help them drive in a safer and more fuel efficient manner.

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Accident scene and accident reporting

This module ensures that Drivers are aware of the correct actions to take at an accident scene, protecting their own personnel well being and minimising further casualties. An overview of the legal requirements in respect of accident reporting and vehicle insurance investigation will also be covered.

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Safe Loading & Unloading of Goods Vehicles

Vehicles should not be used or loaded in such a way that it endangers either those using the vehicle or other road users. This module aims to ensure that drivers fully understand the importance of restraining loads correctly, avoid overloading vehicles and recognise the natural forces affecting both loads and vehicles. Drivers will be encourage to think about how the load can be made safe for, loading, offloading, as well as while being transported safely and securely by road.

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Drivers Health & Wellbeing

With long spells in the drivers seat, driving can be a sedentary lifestyle. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers of being impaired by a wide range of fitness and health conditions. This module ensures that drivers understand the need to think about their personnel wellbeing, maintain a healthy lifestyle and help to reduce the sectors long term sickness figures. Drivers are also responsible for ensuring that they do not drive if they are not fit to do so, and that they report any condition that affects their ability to drive safely to their employer, and if necessary to the DVLA.

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The Compliant Driver

It is an Operator Licence requirement to ensure full and effective control. This module contains an overview of the professional drivers role and how important it is to remember that the driver is the company ambassador. It examines how the behaviour of drivers both in person and on the road can reflect on the image of the organisation.

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First Aid at Work Certificate

It is essential that you can trust the person who will care for you if you are injured or suddenly ill at work. This course is suitable for anyone who might need to provide first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill at work, and covers common injuries and illnesses. As a driver is likely to come across the scene of a road traffic accident, more than any one else, its important that they have a basic level of first aid knowledge.

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