Jack Richards & Son offer a wide range of periodic Driver CPC training courses for groups and individuals. All of our courses are JAUPT approved and regularly updated to reflect any changes in industry standards and practices.

Induction eLearning

All new Jack Richards & Son drivers are required to complete our comprehensive Driver Compliance Programme as part of your induction.

The programme outlines clearly our expectations of all new and existing Jack Richards & Son drivers and helps you to understand our history and high family values.

Flexible, modular e-learning

The programme is available online which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling you to work at your own pace and a time and place that fits around your work and family commitments.

It is also split into focussed “bite-sized” training modules with each one providing interactive training on a specific topic.

The programme comprises 5 modules and 10 key stages. They are:

  1. Safety on site
  2. Jack Richards & Son policies
  3. Driving licence requirements
  4. Driver conduct and responsibilities
  5. Driver and vehicle load security
  6. Driver tyre and wheel management
  7. Our vehicles – first use vehicle checks
  8. Driver hours and tachograph policy
  9. Customer care
  10. Coupling and uncoupling trailers

You will be expected to exhibit a baseline level of proficiency by completing a multiple-choice assessment at the end of each module before being able to progress.

Modules can easily be completed in a single session, but you can use the resume feature to continue your learning, restart a lesson, or complete at a later time if needed.

We also pay our drivers for successfully completing the four-hour programme.

All modules in the programme will need to be completed as the next step involves you attending the depot to where you are applying to sit an online test to show that you have fully understood the programme and are at a level of competence to become a Jack Richards & Son driver.

By completing the programme, together we can demonstrate to customers our commitment to the highest compliance standards and practicing safe driving across our fleet.

Become a Jack Richards & Son driver

For more information about becoming a Jack Richards & Son driver or to check our current driver vacancies, visit our careers page.

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