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The Jack Richards Training Center

We have a dedicated training centre where we organise and plan all of our courses, our Fakenham based courses will also run from here. Call our Training Centre on 0330 223 4487 to whats on or find out more information.

We also have a dedicated website viewed here.

What is CPC and who needs it?

The CPC acronym stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. It has been introduced across Europe with the aim of improving road safety and helping to maintain high standards of driving. 

The Driver CPC certification is now a standard part of professional driving so if your driving involves operating a lorry, bus, or coach professionally you will need a valid CPC.

CPC Training For Drivers/Individuals

If you are an individual driver looking to keep your Driver CPC training up to date, we can help. Jack Richards & Son, is one of the UK’s leading Driver CPC training providers.

Training is provided throughout the UK so you can choose an open course near to you.

With 10 different course subjects on offer, you can be sure that the training you attend is engaging and interactive, as well as being useful to you as a commercial driver.

The best way to ensure your DQC doesn’t lapse is to carry out at least one day’s mandatory periodic training every year.

CPC Training for Companies

Local Open Training Courses

We have a wide number of training locations in the UK. So, even if you have multiple site locations, we’ll have a Driver CPC training course running locally to you that your drivers can easily attend.

Onsite Training

We offer onsite training, where one of our highly skilled trainers will come to your site and train your drivers. With this option, you can choose the modules and location, which will be most suited to your business.

If you do not have an onsite training room available, we can arrange and hire a training room local to you.

Already have your own in-house trainers?

We have a large bank of trainers with nationwide coverage, so we can send them to you at any location.

We can complement any existing Driver CPC training with our wide choice of 10 different modules available. So even if you have your own accredited training modules, you may find it useful to use us for some alternative training.

Training Module Portfolio

With a portfolio of 10 new and refreshed modules to choose from, we have a range of topics to suit everyone. As all of our modules are just 3 ½ hours long we can train two modules in one day. We’ve learnt, from positive driver feedback, that this breaks the day up and retains engagement and interest from the course attendees.

Choose the best Driver CPC training for your team


All courses last 3½ hours apart from Emergency First Aid and The Compliant Driver, which last a full 7 hours. Any two 3½ hour courses can be combined to make up the 7 hours of training required.

Some courses offer dual accreditation, whereby a further qualification may be gained at the same time as completing Driver CPC hours. See individual courses for details





Why choose Jack Richards & Son?

Who provide your Driver CPC Training is an important choice to make, for both an individual and a company. We believe a good trainer can help improve road safety and maintain high standards of driving, making the drivers CPC a worthwhile investment.

By choosing Jack Richards & Son, you are not only helped to meet your legal obligations, you are also provided with the skills and knowledge that will make a real difference on the roads.

  • Our courses & locations are suitable for both individual and group bookings.
  • Training available throughout the UK.
  • Course satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 10 different JAUPT-approved course subjects now available.
  • High quality, engaging, interactive and useful training modules.
  • Flexibility – a date, venue and blend of topics to suit your needs.
  • Real value for money – buying high-quality Driver CPC training is investing in the skills on the roads.
  • Fully managed service – if you are a company with multiple drivers, let us release the burden from you and we will manage your Driver CPC Matrix for you


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