Environmental Policy

By their very nature, all forms of commercial or domestic transport will have varying levels of adverse impact upon the environment. So Jack Richards & Son sees it as part of the company’s social responsibility to minimise this impact in its own operations as far as possible.

To help this process, the company runs only vehicles that are less than three years old in its main haulage fleet. As we enter the mid-2010s, a majority of these vehicles will be running at the European Community’s most demanding levels of low exhaust emissions, ‘Euro 6’.

This involves the latest exhaust systems technology, designed to minimize the production of Nitrogen Oxide and Dioxide, and at the same time dramatically reducing the release of damaging particles into the environment. Alongside this, specially designed air-kits enhance the flow of air around Jack Richards & Son truck and trailer combinations, reducing drag and lowering fuel usage and associated emissions.

Any truck however, even the most advanced vehicles such as those in the Jack Richards & Son fleet, cannot reduce emissions on their own. They have to be driven sensibly and with a real focus on reducing excessive acceleration, gear-changing and braking. To this end, our drivers are trained, using the company’s in-house CPC scheme, to drive smoothly and efficiently and improve fuel consumption, reducing emissions as they do so. This has the added effect of also reducing costs, with this ‘saving’ channeled back through performance related bonus payments aimed at further encouraging economical and safe driving.

On top of this, Jack Richards & Son's own on-site workshops ensure the company’s vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, even including routine tyre pressure checks and other key factors which improve fuel efficiency. All are carried out regularly on an active basis. The company is also exploring the use of bio-diesel and bio-diesel mixtures, further to improve the environmental sensitivity of the fleet.

Whilst the truck operation has the most significant impact on the environment, the company is also conscious of the need to use modern techniques to control energy usage within its warehouses and offices. To this end it has successfully utilised light and heat switches activated by movement or body heat.

Jack Richards & Son recognises the need for all companies to operate in an environmentally sensitive way and will continue to ensure it is at the vanguard of every possible new initiative.

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